Nutrition for the Daily Grind

A healthy lifestyle starts with you


Nutrition for the Daily Grind brings to you the basics for healthy living

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Nutrition for the Daily Grind isn’t about telling you what to eat: it’s about teaching you what your body already craves, so you can construct your own delectable, satisfying meals. Here you’ll find a detailed explanation of how each essential vitamin, mineral, and amino acid contributes to a healthy body – and how to find and prepare them for your own diet.

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A collection of recipes packed with both nutrients and taste from healthy food advocates from across the globe have been curated for you. Here you’ll find them divided into three succulent sections: “Hearty Meals After a Hard Day’s Work,” “Rise and Shine,” and healthy options “For Your Sweet Tooth.” Bon appetit!



The Author


WATARU MIURA is a healthy food advocate, entrepreneur, and real estate venture capitalist from the United States. He is also a triathlon enthusiast, yoga practitioner, and surfer wannabe, currently in Japan.